About Solar Gear Guide

Hi everyone, I’m Chris.

I started Solar Gear Guide in part because of my love for gadgetry and gear and also to pass on things I learn as I research solar power, something that has interested me more and moreover the last few years.

For 11 years I was an Electronics Technician in Anchorage, Alaska…a place that doesn’t utilize much solar power. That got me wondering if solar would be beneficial to a state that gets 20 hours of sunlight in the summer but only 5 hours of sunlight in the winter.

My interest grew from there and I started researching more topics in solar, mainly focusing on yard and camping gear, but also more topics related to solar power for the home.

I’m now an Electronics Technician in the Dallas Fort Worth area, a place that LOVES its solar power. I’m looking forward to diving even deeper into solar power topics and passing them along to you via this site as well as the associated YouTube Channel.