Solar Chargers

With phones getting batteries that last longer and power outlets more readily available in airports, bus stations, and libraries the need for a solar charger seems like it might be dwindling…but they are surprisingly handy to have around.

Solar chargers are also very inexpensive for basic models, so picking up a few of them to have in emergency kits and to store with camping gear is a no brainer.

Like any product, you can find models with a ton of bells and whistles, so I’ve thrown one of those on this list too. These can be great for people that need multitaskers!

My Pick

Benfiss 20,000mAh Solar Charger

This is the model I ended up purchasing.

The Benfiss is technically a multitasker in that it not only charges devices but also has a built-in LED flashlight and old school analog compass. It accommodates both standard USB and micro-USB devices and has a charge indicator.

So, why did I choose this model over the others? Mainly it came down to price. There are several models that hover around the same price point, the Benfiss goes on sale quite often and I was able to snag it for under $15.

The price hovers between the high teens to low twenties, so check Amazon for the current price.

Highly Rated, But Pricier

Tekpluze 30,000mAh Solar Charger

For a more robust charger, check out the Tekpluze 30,000mAh. While this guy takes a bit longer to fully charge (10 hours vs. 8 hours for the Benfiss) it can charge more devices.

Keep in mind that these charge times are based on it being plugged into an outlet and that charging via solar will take significantly longer…no matter the model or price.

This model offers 2 USB ports, a USB-C port, and can also charge most phones wirelessly.

Why pay upwards of 2 and a half times the price of other models? If you’re an avid hiker or camper and need a solar charger that can give your phone, camera, and laptop multiple charges then I’d opt for this beefier model.

Wireless charging is also a nice touch, though I’m not sure that alone would warrant the price…but ask me again when I’m 40 miles down the trail and realized I forgot my charge cable!

The Bells…The Whistles

Voltaic Systems Arc Solar Charger

As I mentioned above, some models are more feature-packed than others.

These models aren’t as portable as others that can just clip onto your backpack with a carabineer but can still be utilized on hiking and camping trips as long as you plan ahead for the extra weight and space.

Voltaic Systems Arc solar charger comes with a large monocrystalline solar cell pad that can charge the battery in 7 hours under direct sunlight.

Since this particular system can cost a pretty penny, I wouldn’t recommend it to people that just need a backup way to charge their phone.

But, a charging solution like this is ideal for a travel blogger who needs to take their office off-grid. If you frequently go camping or hiking, this type of system can keep your laptop, phone, and cameras charged.