Do Solar Patio Umbrellas Have Batteries?

If you are thinking about purchasing a solar patio umbrella for your backyard, it’s important to understand how these work and what their benefits are. That might leave you wondering whether they have batteries.

Generally, a solar patio umbrella will have batteries. These allow the umbrella to store some of its charge and provide a steady flow of current to the lights within the umbrella. Although only a small amount of electricity is needed, it is crucial that the umbrella have a battery pack for consistent supply.

Not everyone knows where the rechargeable battery on their solar umbrella is…or if theirs even has one. I thought I’d take a look at some common models and pass the info on to you…Check it out!

Are There Batteries In Solar Patio Umbrellas?

There are batteries in solar patio umbrellas. All of these umbrellas have a battery pack located somewhere on them, although the positioning may vary between models and manufacturers. The battery is an important part of the solar umbrella, and serves several key functions, including:

  • Providing a consistent flow of electricity to the lights, so that they aren’t constantly flicking on and off as the amount of sunlight varies
  • Allowing the umbrella to charge up during sunny periods, meaning that less power is wasted
  • Allowing the lights to have power even after the sun has gone, meaning that you can use your solar patio umbrella after dark, sometimes for many hours

Since the lights in solar patio umbrellas tend to be most enjoyable after dark, it is not surprising that they come equipped with battery packs. Without these, they would only light up in the daytime, and since the lights tend to be quite small and not enormously bright, there would be little point to this.

Most people want to use their solar patio umbrellas in the evenings, when the sun is fading, or even on warm nights in the summer, when there’s no daylight at all. Without batteries, this would be impossible, and the umbrella would be fairly useless. In the daytime, you don’t need the lights, so the umbrella needs batteries to work when the sun has gone down.

Where Are The Batteries On A Solar Patio Umbrella?

Typically, batteries in a solar patio umbrella will be stored in the same housing as the solar panel, or very close to it. This tends to be on the top of the umbrella, where the sun can fall on it, but may be on a separate spike.

Putting the battery pack here means that the electricity does not need to travel far between the solar panel and the batteries.

The battery pack might be located somewhere else on certain models, as there is no stipulation that it must be alongside the solar panel. However, this is often the best place to start looking for it. It’s a good idea to know where it is located, as this will allow you to change the batteries when necessary.

It might surprise you that solar batteries need to be changed, since they are being charged by the sun…but like all batteries, they have a finite number of charge cycles, and they will start to degrade with use. Eventually, you will find that they do not hold much charge at all, and at this point, you’ll need to change them to keep using the umbrella.

How Do You Change The Batteries On A Solar Patio Umbrella?

This may vary depending on the style of the umbrella, but below is a general guide that will help you change the batteries. Here’s a video showing one method of changing out the battery:

Video Showing how to Change a Battery on a Solar Patio Umbrella

Again, that video shows one of several methods…Luckily, most models will follow these general steps:

  • Step 1 – Take the umbrella down and lift the solar panel off it, and then place the panel upside down on a clean surface. Make sure there’s nothing on this surface that will scratch the panel.
  • Step 2 – Remove the screws from the bottom of the case, as this case conceals the battery in most umbrellas.
  • Step 3 – Open the case and inspect the battery. You will need to know what kind of battery has been used to purchase the correct replacement. Don’t change the kind of battery that the manufacturer has used for a different one, as this could cause problems.
  • Step 4 – Install a new like-for-like rechargeable battery, with the + and – symbols in the correct positions. Do not use a non-rechargeable battery. Because it will be charged by the power generated from the sun and non-rechargeables aren’t designed to be charged, it will quickly start to degrade and may leak acid all over the battery casing.
  • Step 5 – Replace the bottom case and put the screws back in.
  • Step 6 – Turn on the lights and check whether they are working correctly. You may need to let the batteries charge for a few hours before they will power the umbrella, so come back later. If the lights still don’t work, take the battery out and test it using a battery tester.

How Long Should Solar Batteries Last?

Many solar patio umbrellas can last for around 12 hours once fully charged. That should give you plenty of time to enjoy the lights, and the umbrella can then charge up again the following day. However, this number will go down over time and you’ll need to replace the batteries.

This depends on a lot of factors, including the battery’s age, the quality of the battery used, how much sun it gets, how bright the lights are, how many lights are being powered, and more. Manufacturers should provide an estimate with the umbrella, but this is often a rough guess, rather than a guarantee.

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