7 Benefits Of Using Outdoor Solar Lights

Outdoor lighting has a variety of purposes, whether it’s for decoration, utility, or a special event. Finding the right lighting for your front or back yard is an important choice with a lot of implications you might not have previously thought of. For starters, you should consider the benefits of using solar lights for your outdoor area in place of traditional electric lights.

Solar lights, as their name suggests, convert energy from the sun into illumination that lasts throughout the night. The solar battery charges during the day while the lighting is off and then, once the sun goes down, the lights are engineered to stop converting sunlight into energy and then they turn on.

There are quite a few benefits to using outdoor solar lights in place of other types of lighting.

  1. Outdoor Solar Lighting Is Safer
  2. Solar Lighting Costs Less
  3. It’s Hassle-Free To Use Outdoor Solar Lighting
  4. Outdoor Solar Lighting Is Environmentally Friendly
  5. Solar Lights Are Versatile
  6. Long-Lasting
  7. Wide Variety Of Styles

1. Outdoor Solar Lighting Is Safer

Outdoor lighting in general is a great idea because it can decrease the vulnerability of your home to potential threats like burglary.

When you have plenty of lighting present in your home…especially when you are away…it can confuse trespassers and deter them from entering. Solar lighting is a great option for this because you don’t need to worry about remembering to turn it on, it’s automatic.

Solar outdoor lighting also increases your safety if you live in an area that tends to have storms that lead to power outages. If bad weather hits and the electricity cuts out, you don’t have to worry about losing the lights. Solar lighting works on rechargeable batteries, so lack of electricity won’t affect their ability to illuminate the area.

Lastly, solar lighting is also a safer option than traditional electric lighting because of the fact that it is cordless means that it won’t potentially trip any children or pets.

Also, in general, avoiding having extension cords lying around is a good idea especially if you live in areas where floods or dampness might occur often.

2. Solar Lighting Costs Less

Simply speaking, because solar lighting doesn’t require traditional electricity, having outdoor solar lights won’t drive up your electricity bill. Energy from the sun is free, which is why solar lighting is usually the undeniably cheaper option.

Outdoor solar lighting is also more cost-efficient than traditional outdoor electric lighting because the type of light bulbs that are used in solar lights will usually use less energy and last longer than other types of bulbs, so you’ll have to replace them a lot less.

3. It’s Hassle-Free To Use Outdoor Solar Lighting

Typical electric lighting poses a lot of potential limitations when it comes to outdoor installation. Because it requires electric cords, installing electric outdoor lighting means you’ll likely need to hire an electrician and a landscaper to dig holes and install the proper wiring in the ground. Not only is that costly, but it can also take a lot of time out of your schedule.

However, with solar lighting, there’s no need to go to all of that trouble. Installing solar lighting in your outdoor space can take only minutes. It comes in a variety of forms, such as ground lighting that only needs to be staked into the soil or string lighting that doesn’t require being plugged into a nearby electric outlet or extension cord.

In short, there’s no hassle when it comes to using solar lighting because you can do it all by yourself without having to hire professional help or dig up part of your front or back yard. That also means that it will cost you far less money, which is a benefit that’s difficult to pass up.

4. Outdoor Solar Lighting Is Environmentally Friendly

If you’re looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint, choosing the solar option when looking at your outdoor lighting options. As explained previously, solar lighting converts energy from the sun into illumination, so it’s much better for the environment than using electricity. 

Outdoor solar lighting is also better for the environment because they are typically made with much more eco-friendly materials, largely because the types of companies that produce solar lights are already concerned about ensuring their materials and products are good for the planet.

Also, most of the time, the light bulbs used in solar lights will need to be replaced much less often than traditional outdoor lighting, so you won’t be contributing to the regular amount of waste involved with constantly throwing away old bulbs. 

5. Solar Lights Are Versatile

One of the best things about wireless lighting is that you don’t need to fuss around with ensuring that your outdoor lighting is set up near an electrical outlet or finding a way to safely disguise the cords.

Another plus is that you don’t have to deal with the possibility of untangling long electric cords in the process.

The only thing to make sure of when installing outdoor solar lighting is that you place them where they can get plenty of light to build a charge. The good news is that a lot of brands that produce outdoor solar lights have designed models that don’t require direct lighting from the sun in order to work, making solar an even more convenient option for you.

6. Outdoor Solar Lighting Is Long-Lasting

Solar lights use an unlimited power source: the sun. This means that they are naturally going to be much more long-lasting than electric outdoor lighting.

Typically, outdoor solar lights can last longer than ten years, and potentially even longer when taken care of particularly well. As long as you replace the rechargeable solar battery when necessary, you’ll be all set for about a decade.

Another great thing about the longevity and durability of solar lighting versus electric lighting for outdoor spaces is the fact that solar lights can be left outside all year round, even in the most intense of seasonal weather.

However, keep in mind that if you leave your solar lights out during the winter, you’ll need to be sure to wipe off any snow or ice from the solar panels.

7. Outdoor Solar Lights Come In A Variety Of Styles

Outdoor lighting implies the need for a diverse array of styles, depending on the reason you need them. For example, if you need outdoor lighting to illuminate pathways in your front or back yard, there are styles that can be staked directly into the ground to make your footsteps clearer. 

Furthermore, if you’re throwing an event or simply want to improve the aesthetics of your outdoor space, styles like decorative lamps or string lights are also available in solar formats.

In short, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t choose solar lighting over other options when it comes to lighting up your outdoor space. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, there are many benefits to using outdoor solar lights. They are safe, less costly, and hassle-free when compared to their electric counterparts.

Furthermore, outdoor solar lighting is great for the environment and can also last a significant amount of time. Also, because solar lights come in a variety of styles, there are countless options to choose from when exploring your outdoor lighting possibilities.

Here Are Some Excellent Options For Outdoor Solar Lights

Path Lights

For pathway and driveway lighting, I really like the slightly decorative look of the XMCOSY+ Solar Pathway Lights. These have the solar panel on top of each light, so you don’t have to run any extra wiring to a central solar panel, keeping a nice, slick aesthetic.

Patio and Deck Stair Lighting

When it comes to outdoor stair lighting, I prefer a more minimalistic look so that they blend in more to the step riser. For this, check out ROSHWEY Deck Lights...these cast a wide and bright wash of light, which is perfect for deck stair lighting which can often be difficult to properly illuminate. These also look great on fences or on the side of detached garages.

Pergola and Deck String Lights

It may be on the trendy side of things, but I’m loving the look of Edison bulbs. I think the Brightech Ambience Pro Edison style lighting looks great hanging from the cross beams of pergolas and gazebos. You could also string several of these over an outdoor dining table for an outdoor family gathering…really cool ambiance!

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